Back in 2012, I started a blog for my family to keep track of my progress through architecture school. It evolved into a space that I used to share my interests and design finds. It eventually evolved into the blog with love from Guyana, and based off the compliments I received, it served its purpose of being a platform to showcase Caribbean designers and creatives.

However, as I grew, I found myself not as interested and passionate about the content that I was previously focused on. While penning the blog in that specific format, I graduated with my Master of Architecture from USF SACD and transitioned from hand making models to learning to sew and eventually wearing my own handmade garments.

Now, I am back to writing a blog that is about my thoughts and design finds, but I’m throwing in my sewing makes. If you were here back in the days of with love from Guyana, welcome back. If you’re new, thanks for joining me on this version of my blogging journey.

Please note that any views and opinions expressed in this blog come from a kid raised in household identical to this avocado’s.